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How to Look Your Best for Your Wedding Photos

April 1, 2013 0

The bride and groom are the center of everyone’s attention on their wedding day. When the bride looks her best, everyone is happy. Now it’s just a matter of capturing that astonishing look of the bride in all of the wedding photos. So what are some ways that you can look your best for your photos?

As far as beauty goes, start preparing for your wedding day weeks before. Drink plenty of water and get a lot of sleep to benefit your skin. Your skin should be kept moisturized, including your hands since they will show up in many pictures holding the bouquet and with the wedding ring. A good breakout prevention routine a few weeks before your wedding day to keep blemishes away will lower the risk of a pimple popping up on that very day. Teeth whitening can help brighten that smile perfectly for your wedding along with getting a tan, wax, manicures and pedicures. Not only are these all fun activities you can do with your friends, it’s also helping you stay calm and relaxed before your wedding.

Your wedding makeup should be practiced well before the big day. Test it in natural light and on camera beforehand. Keep your hair in line, fine tune your hair color and style, touch up your roots, and get a gloss treatment to create an extra shine perfect for those pictures. Massages and regular grooming will help ease your nerves when the day gets closer. A massage helps give a glow back to the body as well as helping to get rid of any tense muscles.

Being confident is important on your wedding day. Many brides are concerned about how much weight they have to lose before the big day. You will want to be able to fit in your wedding dress, but worrying about your weight is only going to stress you out. When you’re confident it’s easier to pose in a more natural stance and look more relaxed and calm in front of the camera.

Along with being confident, as a bride, staying focused is just as important. Wanting to be in control of everything is what a bride is good at doing on their wedding day, but it’s important to know that things will fall into place and everything will be organized. Having a wedding planner will help create a better stress free environment for you. The wedding planner can figure out the details while you get ready for the big day.

Most importantly, being comfortable and calm will help you look the best in your wedding photos. By remaining stress-free, your photos won’t show any tense moments or moments of worry. When you look back on your wedding photos years from now you will remember the joy and happiness that was shared between everybody.


About the Author:

Hardy Klahold Photography is pleased to bring you this article on how to look your best in your wedding photos. Hardy primarily deals with wedding photography in Denver. If you are interested in learning more about him, you can check out his website at http://www.hardyklaholdphotography.com.

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