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How to Plan a Successful Backyard Wedding

September 26, 2018 0


What You Need to Plan a Successful Backyard Wedding


Today’s frugally-minded couples are realizing that spending five figures on their nuptials is not as important as having a solid nest egg for their future. The appeal of a backyard wedding can give them a creative and affordable day to remember. To make sure this is the right choice for you, ask yourself these 10 questions from Install It Direct first. If both bride and groom agree on these items, read on!


The Challenges of Planning a Backyard Wedding


The best thing about hosting a backyard wedding is that the possibilities to create a memorable event are limitless. Check out these 23 amazing ideas from InspiredByThis.com. However, there are some challenges you will be facing as you plan your special day, so make sure you plan ahead.


Power Supply
According to Pryme Tyme Entertainment, you’ll need to make sure you have enough power for the reception: refrigeration, cooking, lighting, fans, and the DJ. If you are hiring a band, that set up will drain even more electricity. No one wants a blackout in the middle of a wedding, and you can avoid disaster by renting a generator.


Beware of Uninvited Guests and Crowd Overflow

One of the dangers of a backyard wedding is that uninvited visitors can easily crash your wedding. You also to make sure that you have enough room should every single guest show up and stage the venue to avoid crowds and long lines. Inside Weddings recommends strategically setting up tables, bar areas, and other sections to prevent strangers from wandering in and to provide guests with “flow” so they can avoid crowding around areas.


Preparing for Inclement Weather


Hopefully, the sun will be shining on your wedding day but even if it isn’t, you’ll need to make sure your guests are comfortable. If it’s too hot, you’ll need fans; if it’s the rainy season, you’ll need a tent; and if it’s too cool, you’ll need to provide heat. BG Events Catering advises that you always rent a tent and a dance floor. That way, your guests won’t trip while dancing and will be on a level floor for dining.


Additionally, you want to stage a nice area for your vows and the service. Most homeowners spend between $1,939 and $5,047 nationally to build an arbor, pergola, or trellis. This can really make your wedding stand out and will be a lasting and beautiful part of your yard.


Permits, Insurance, and Rentals


Down The Aisle recommends you take these topics seriously as you plan.  You will be renting a lot of equipment and services and dealing with lots of contracts. You also might be required to get permits for parking, noise, or safety issues. Check your local zoning laws. Additionally, talk to your insurance company to see if you need any extra coverage in case of damage, loss, or accidents.


Preparing Your Home


The key rule of preparation is making sure your guests are comfortable inside and outside. Even if you don’t want them inside your home, it’s likely some guests will end up there. Here are some tips to keep prepared:


  • com suggests you repair everything in your home beforehand, including items like a leaky roof. Be sure to extend those repairs outside for things like ditches, broken water hoses, etc.
  • Renting portable toilets is a wise idea even if you are letting guests use your indoor bathrooms. You don’t want a long bathroom line!
  • Don’t forget pest control. Keep away insects on a warm summer evening by spraying pesticides a few days beforehand.


If you want some more frugal inspiration, read how John and Sherry of the Young House Love blog hosted a $4,000 backyard wedding.


Planning a backyard wedding is doable if you are prepared for all the contingencies that can arise. If you do, it can be a beautiful and memorable event that you and your spouse will treasure for years to come.


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Article by guest blogger:

Alice Robertson



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